Paul Welch

On Fantasy, Writing & the Journey to Publication

About Paul

Welcome, friends.

I’ll be using this blog as a vehicle to share ideas about fantasy, the crafts of writing & editing, and my journey toward publication. Every now and then, there might even be a post related to my acting career.

I don’t claim to have all the answers and I definitely welcome discussion. I’ve learned a lot over the past 15 years, and continue to learn new tips and tricks every day. Hopefully we’ll be able help each other on this wonderful journey through the publishing world – from initial idea to delivering the printed goods into your mother’s hands!

A little about me:

I am an award-winning professional actor and writer living in Calgary, Alberta, with a BA in Psychology and Philosophy and a BFA in Acting. I am the author of 4 one-act plays and over 30 short scripts for historical parks and elementary schools.

In my spare time – when I’m not listening to the characters in my head as they vie for attention – I teach voice, speech and text in a two-year theatre arts diploma program. For the most part, I teach people how to perform authentically while telling colorful, bold-faced lies. Sometimes I just get them to yell and scream under the pretense that swear words makes Shakespeare’s sonnets come alive.

It’s a pretty good life.

I am currently seeking representation for my first fantasy novel. It is the first in a proposed trilogy.

Enjoy the ride!


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